About Cremation Keepsakes – by Glass Punk Studio

In the past few years Dan has perfected his own style and technique, and now creates glass pendants and orbs that look like the cosmos and swirling galaxies from his Glass Punk Studio.

“I received the actual vortex design of the galaxies and cosmos during my daily meditations, when I had a vision of a completed orb,” he says.  “Initially I didn’t include ashes in the vortex patterns, but then I was asked by a couple of people if I could place ashes inside the glass vortex.” After some experimenting, he created a way to do this, and the glasswork he now creates in his ‘Glass Punk Studio’ (so named because of his commitment and love of punk music) have taken on a more cosmic frequency.

Since completing those first two orbs, Dan has had requests from people around the world for his cosmic ash receptacles.

What Are They Made From?

Dan makes the orbs and pendants with borosilicate (Pyrex) glass which is a lot tougher than normal soft glass. This means that if they are dropped onto a tiled floor, the tile itself is more likely to break than the orb or pendant.

Not all of Dan’s creations contain ashes, but those that are designed to hold ashes make a beautiful and cosmic keepsake of your loved ones. The orbs weigh 250 grams and are about the size of a tennis ball, the pendants are 2cm across and can be worn around the neck, to keep the energies and memories of your loved ones close.

Dan can use whatever colours you like to create an ornament that both reflects the light and displays the way our deceased loved one may be travelling across the night sky. I got up close and personal to red orbs with swirls of yellows and orange and my personal favourites were the two cobalt blue ones with swirls of gold and silver. His pendants were in reds, greens, turquoise, cobalt blue, orange and yellow, and the vortex pattern and technique is the same for orbs of pendants – only the size is different.

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